Fourth Year Fine Arts Show Profile: Malcolm McCormick

April 18th, 2014

Student painter looks back on his time at UBCO

Photo by Ali Young

Photo by Ali Young

Painter Malcolm McCormick, like his peers, is nearing the end of his time at UBCO in the Fine Arts program, and has gotten the opportunity to really expand his range during the past four years.

“The program’s good because it kind of makes you try everything before you settle with something,” said McCormick. “I knew I always wanted to do painting, but I had no choice but to take at least two other mediums along the way. [I] dabbled with sculpting a little, and spent a lot of time screen printing. But now I’m focusing on my painting.”

McCormick has been very involved with gallery shows and local arts events this year, including running the “Intermission Series” at the Alternator. Now, at the end of his BFA, he has narrowed down his vast amount of paintings to a select few for the art show.

Paintings by Malcolm McCormick

Paintings by Malcolm McCormick

“They asked us to be cohesive,” said McCormick. “So I cut it down to a small body of work. [I’m doing] collage based paintings. I’ve made these little collages out of pictures I’ve found in [magazines] and books and I take those collages and blow them up and paint them.”

McCormick would like to continue working on collage paintings after graduation, and will use much of that work to add to his graduate school portfolio for the future.

“[The paintings are] pretty subtle in terms of theme, but I do tend to focus on culture versus nature,” said McCormick. “[For instance] I contrast a piece of cloth next to a mountain. I create images that have friction between them.”

McCormick has found his time at UBCO in the Fine Arts program to be extremely positive, finding little to criticize in the department.


“There is a diverse range of teachers with different perspectives and different backgrounds,” said McCormick. “And they bring in interesting young professors, which is really good. All the teachers seem to be really engaged.”

Being in close proximity with other artists has helped productivity and the sense of community in the studios,

“It’s a good thing to have a place to go, to have your own space next to other people’s space,” said McCormick. “Every time I walk into the studio, TP (Tanatswa Pfende) is sleeping on the couch.”

McCormick is excited for the show, particularly for seeing everyone’s projects.

“It’s been really impressive. I’ve been to three grad shows now I think, and this is the best year I’ve seen in terms of the overall quality of everyone’s work.”

Selections of McCormick’s collage paintings will be up for viewing at “Ellipsis,” the annual fourth year arts show on Saturday, April 19th.

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