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2016 UBCSUO Elections Results, Presidential Re-vote on March 21

March 18th, 2016

After a very close and highly controversial election, the full results have been posted on the UBCSUO Facebook page.

For President, the results were confirmed after two recounts that both Blake Edwards and Ryan Kaila tied for the win with 565 votes each, with Trophy Ewila in a distant third (261).

“Due to the highly unusual situation of a tie in the UBCSUO Presidential race,” said a post on the UBCSUO Facebook page, “the elections committee shall convene [Friday] morning to discuss the details on moving forward.”

The committee released a statement for a one-day re-vote for president with Blake Edwards and Ryan Kaila on the ballot. The election will take place on Monday, March 21st from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in UNC 106 (UNC Theatre).

The current VP Services position-holder, Layne Richardson (696), won in a close race with Peter Teng (665) to hold his position for another year. For VP Finance and Operations, Daman Bual (755) took the position over candidate Mohamed Mbengue (543).

The uncontested position of VP Internal went to Romey Jaswal with 745 yes votes and 187 no votes, and the uncontested position of VP External went to Kim Rutledge with772 yes votes and 159 no votes.

Terry Zhang was elected as Board of Governors with 336 votes over six competing candidates, with Shira Sneg (277) and Matthew Hoogveld (206) coming in second and third respectively.

The four positions available for Director-At-Large were taken by Mohamed Azzam (463), Sun Young “Amy” Park (381), Danel Kandie (357), and Adeet Haroon (330), with Murad Alnashef just falling short with 325 votes.

For Senator-At-Large, Nene Azu (437), Priscilla Babguna (412), Kelly Lu (409), Daniel Kandie (403), Laurence Watt (378), and Sun Young “Amy” Park (376) will serve in the Senate for the next year. Gina Sangha and Kristen Morgan both fell short, with 375 and 368 votes respectively.

For the uncontested Board of Directors Faculty Representatives, Stella Mozin will be the Representative for Arts (364 yes, 48 no), Taylor Sauder for Sciences (162 yes, 36 no), Akshay Sapra for Applied Science (147 yes, 34 no), Madison McCardell for Health Sciences (175 yes, 9 no), Luke Cooke for Management (175 yes, 20 no), and Josh Fender for Creative & Critical Studies (21 yes, 1 no). For the contested Graduate Students position, Moein Ahmadipour received 11 votes over Matthew Hoogveld’s 6 votes.

The Senate Faculty Representative positions were all uncontested, listed here as follows: Shira Sneg for Arts & Sciences (431 yes, 112 no), Jason Lammers for Applied Sciences (147 yes, 21 no), and Katarina Trupar for Graduate Students (12 yes, 1 no). No Senate Faculty Representatives were elected for the Faculties of Education, for Creative and Critical Studies, or Health and Social Development.

The full vote information can be accessed on the UBCSUO’s Facebook page.