The US Election is Comedy Gold

December 16th, 2016

Donald Trump with a superimposed jester hat

Original Photo by journalforeignrelations / Creative Commons

Well, the mad man did it. While many celebrate Trump’s victory, others grieve that this is the end of America. I want to tell all the doomsayers to get a sense of humour and see how hilarious this is.

By far, the funniest thing about all of this is that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump. Just think about it: Hillary Clinton, a career politician with years of experience as Senator and First Lady, the woman who felt destined for the position with support from politicians, companies, foreign leaders, and the media, loses to a reality TV host. It would be like if Christy Clark ran for federal o ce with mass support just to get defeated by Don Cherry. If Clinton can lose an election and 3 major states that have been Democrat since 1992 to a blabbermouth, you know people do not like you. In fact, Clinton lost because she got roughly 4.5 million fewer votes than Obama did in 2012, while Trump won with 400,000 fewer votes than Romney’s loss. Maybe it was not a good idea to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders, eh? Can you image how hilariously degrading this must be? But the humour continues.

The media messed up. Portraying Clinton as a wonderful Godsend that could not possibly lose was one thing, but collectively labeling those that liked Trump as being racist, sexist homophobes, and then getting celebrities to join, is a major reason why Trump won. People are sick of the ad hominem attacks and having famous people tell them how to vote, and many voted Trump just to say, “screw you, we are voting for the person who does not unjustly call us bad people.” Well they did, and it is hilarious. It is too funny watching Rachel Maddow, Miley Cyrus, CNN, and Twitter all meltdown at the sight they said again and again would never happen. To everyone who attacked and insulted Trump and his supporters, you are largely to blame for him winning. Seeing arrogance humiliated is an entertaining karma.

And now there are protests against Trump’s victory. Is it not hysterical that the same people that accused Trump of not accepting the election result if he lost are now protesting the election result because they lost? ey are free to protest (most are in blue states anyway), but hearing these people complain like children against America’s democratic process because it did not go their way just makes me smile. Hypocrisy to the max. Under this logic, I am surprised fans of the Cleveland Indians did not protest the World Series that the Chicago Cubs were #NotMyChampion.

Eventually, I will have to accept with a straight face that Trump is president of the United States. But let me remind the doomsayers: there will be an election in 2020. America will not become a totalitarian state and lose its voting rights. ere were once theories that Obama would be president for a third term and become dictator. It did not happen and America did not end. A Trump presidency could be good or it could be bad. Let us give him a chance to lead and at the same time relax and enjoy the comedy gold.

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