Student Artist Feature: Miguel Capela

January 20th, 2017

Miguel Capela playing the acoustic guitar

Photo provided by Miguel Capela

On a normal day on campus, no matter the occasion, Miguel can usually be found in either the ballroom or the Purcell House Lounge running his adept fingers across the black and white keys of the piano. Be it day or night, the sounds of the piano echoes loudly throughout the whole of the Purcell residence or the UNC. He can also be found talking to people and filling their ears to the brim with puns and jokes, but that’s another story to be told at another time.

Miguel Capela is a third year Psychology major and a Resident Advisor for the Upper Cascades residence. He is best known among his peers and colleagues for his incredible talent and ear for all things music. He started playing the piano just under five years ago, when he found his musical interest in the band room at his school. He struggled initially, even over simple songs such as “Heart and Soul”, but his passion, confidence, and skills grew over time as he kept on practicing. When asked about a particular style of play, Miguel comments, “I don’t typically have a style, as I have classical to contemporary to pop. I play what captures my mood at the time, or what matches the kinds of emotions I want to pour out.”

His musical talents don’t just stop at the piano, however. Miguel also transposes songs in his spare time. On sunny days, he can also be found on the Commons strumming his guitar, Amber, and humming some tunes to himselfor jamming with other residents/people. The guitar is an instrument that helps him connect and interact with his community. He likes it when residents or friends say hi to him from afar. His first experience with the guitar was a nightmare, as he puts it. He almost gave up, because chords were difficult and his guitar class was “useless”.

When asked how many instruments he plays, Miguel says that is a difficult question to answer because he cannot define what instruments he can play “fluently”. “My violin skills aren’t as good as my guitar skills, but I still think I play well,” he says. He has also played the harp, which he says is a gorgeous and beautiful instrument.

In the end, music connects Miguel with the world around him. Aside from playing music in the Commons, ballroom, and the Purcell House Lounge, he also performs regularly at events and programs. Just recently, he showcased his musical and piano skills at the Multicultural Art Gala on the 26th. Hopefully there will be opportunities for him to perform in the near future.

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