UBCSUO Elections 2017

2017 UBCSUO Election Results

March 2nd, 2017



In a heavily anticipated race, Trophy Ewila was elected for Students’ Union President with 478 votes. Kimberly Rutledge followed with 285 votes, and placing third was candidate Amy Park with 193 votes. The position also had 47 spoiled ballots.

The current VP Finance position-holder, Daman Bual, was re-elected to the VP Finance position with 668 yes votes, 232 no votes, and 89 spoiled ballots.

Mohamed Azzam won the highly controversial race of VP Services with 520 yes votes, and Gage Crawford collect 374 votes. There were 96 spoiled ballots.

The position of VP External went to Amal Alhuwayshil, holding 450 votes against competitor Beau Loomer’s 440. There were 100 spoiled ballots.

VP Internal went to Patience Spinoza with 273 votes against Massimiliano Lauretta’s 183, Tamara Raine’s 148, Alex Algora’s 142, Kelly Lu’s 118, and Mackenzie Sharpe’s 88. There were 39 spoiled ballots.

The four positions available for Director-At-Large were taken by Jessica Moffat (445), Zainah Azam (418), Shahd Shaker (362), and Caitlyn Mackie (330). Karam Alshelh (295), Haitham Hejazin (232), Stefano Guida (201), and Gerardo Zamora (149) were unsuccessful in their election. The position had 104 spoiled ballots.

Dela Hini (103) will be the Board of Directors Faculty Representative for Applied Science, campaigning against Akshay Sapra (72) for the position (8 spoiled). Alex Regular (130) will be the Board of Directors Faculty Representative for Science, winning over Taylor Sauder (111) and Rayden Shannon (39). The position had 12 spoiled ballots. Layne Richardson was elected for Health and Social Development (58 yes, 21 no, 5 spoiled).

The remaining Faculty Representative positions are unfilled: Education, Creative and Critical Studies, Management, Arts, and Graduate Student Representative.