The Long Walk to [H]ell Lot

March 17th, 2017

Photo by Riley Petillion / The Phoenix News

Photo by Riley Petillion / The Phoenix News

Two things that every student who drives to school can agree on is that parking services doesn’t mess around, and that H lot is a joke. It’s possible to squeeze out an extra five minutes from an overdue meter but it’s rare because parking services has employed a superhero for a meter maid (Captain Boot? Meter Man?) who makes the world a better place, one ticket at a time. There are other times that you’re forced to do laps around H lot, trying to think strategically on which lane is going to have an open spot, and if someone drives out of a lane you should go two over because you know he is going one over! Other times, one inconsiderate driver double parks, turning three spots into two. This in turn causing you to stare at the sliver of a space, wondering if crawling out the back window would take longer than finding another spot.

If you can’t wake up at six in the morning to get a spot, and you can’t beat the 8th member of the Justice League, then where else can you park? As students we cannot justify the substantial price difference of two hundred dollars between H lot and F or E lot. After all we are all struggling with money and we should save money where we can; plus the only difference between H lot and any other lot is the hill. It essentially looks like F lot just costs $200 more to allow you to be lazy…not that $200 is a lot of money when you look at it in terms of a ski pass or alcohol.

If we are therefore stuck in H lot what can we do? The university did add a section on the opposite side of innovation drive which helps, but then your walk to class goes from 10 minutes to 20, only after giving up on your Nascar laps. You can therefore just be consistently late or, and I am sorry for even suggesting such an atrocity, leave early!

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