UBC’s Next Century in Your Hands

March 29th, 2017

In 2009, UBC implemented a strategic plan titled, “Place and Promise,” designed to help the University achieve its strategic priorities. To update these priorities, UBC has initiated a new project titled, “UBC’s Next Century.”

UBC is in the planning stage of the project and a steering committee, comprised of students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, has identified a draft set of strategies for public discussion. These priorities will guide the decision-making at the University of British Columbia on both the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses.

On Monday, March 20, a UBC’s Next Century event was hosted in the Fipke building with a line of posters, specialty tables, informative booklets and food.

Emma Cunliffe, Senior Advisor to President Ono, stated UBC’s goals in relation to the events on campus as “an opportunity for students and other members of the community to learn more about the [eight] strategic priorities and the core commitments that we have set out; and to give us feedback about the work that we’ve done so far and what they’d like to see us do next.”

Cunliffe proceeded to outline two different ways to get involved at the events on campus: “one possibility is to come and have a look at the posters, to fill out the guidebook. The second is to sit down at a table and have a deeper conversation about [one of the strategic priorities] you feel passionately about. Both allow you to enter to win a prize!”

When asked to explain why UBC is developing a new strategic plan, substituting “Place and Promise” with UBC’s Next Century project, Cunliffe stated that “‘Place and Promise’ was brought into effect in 2009 and it served us really well, but the world changes quickly–we have a new president and a lot has happened since 2009. It’s an opportunity to revisit our institutional priorities and to think about what we would like to do with our next quarter century and then into our next hundred years.”

Beyond these events, UBC is conducting online surveys until April 20 to reach out to the UBC students through e-mail. More than 1,100 have responded, but UBC hopes to hear from more.

When asked what UBC plans to do with all the information acquired from the UBC’s Next Century campus events and surveys, Cunliffe said, “we’ll analyze the responses to the survey and feedback given at the in-person events and prepare some reports that will be shared with our steering committee and the community.” It will settle the strategic priorities and identify questions to be pursued by task forces.

Cunliffe continued, “over the summer we’ll have a series of task forces and working groups that will start to think about how we can really drive some positive transformational change in respect of the strategic priorities, and we’ll have further opportunity for community involvement along the way.”

Students are given the rare opportunity to influence UBC’s Next Century, come out to the next campus event on Thursday, March 30 from 12:00-2:00p.m. in the Fipke Building. To take the survey use the link provided in the UBC e-mail sent out last week or click here.

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