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September 11th, 2017

Support Campus Entertainment

For lovers of the creative process the Department of Creative Studies is involved in events on campus and around town for you to partake in. Falling Awake will be a unique play put on at the Bumbershoot Theatre downtown, in conjunction with UBCO, which will run from September 28- 30. Posters will be posted up around campus soon so keep your eyes peeled! During this performance, they will also be handing out an intriguing festival program. It will be called “Living Things International Festival of the Performing Arts” and it will run Jan 9- Feb 4. The Phoenix will have more information when it becomes available so stay tuned.

Feeling cozy and not wanting to leave the comfort of residence? Well don’t forget to be on the lookout for special events right here on campus! If it’s art, poetry, live music, readings, or dancing you will be able to find events close to your new scholarly abode to fire up your desires for entertainment. A reading series is in the works for the winter term, depending on funding, so keep checking back with the Phoenix for updates on that fantastic affair. The Well is another great choice if you are looking for something amusing just a short jaunt away. Parties and special events are sure to be held here with a satisfying full pub menu to indulge in and HD televisions to enjoy those can’t miss the game. Come have a drink, play some pool, and unwind after an engaging school day. Another great tool to keep up to date on creative ventures on campus is the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies page. Here you can sign up for the FCCS Scoop newsletter and like their Facebook page, that way you’ll never miss an opportunity to keep yourself entertained up at campus. Also, don’t forget to ask your fellow alumni as they can be a great resource to rely on. You never know what hidden gems or intriguing people you may find out and about on your daily adventures.     

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