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September 7th, 2017

What no one tells you


It’s your first day here at UBCO. Congratulations! It’s a big accomplishment, and I am going to help you in your success. Now, I could tell you to do stuff like introduce yourself to your professor and always show up early, sit at the front, take notes, do the readings, etc., etc. I am not saying don’t do that, because you totally should! Especially if any professors are reading this, then I really encourage that! I am here to tell you what no one else will tell you, what many of us have learned about this campus. Here is the inside scoop.

First things first, academics. If you are driving and parking in H lot, you need always assume that you will get a spot at the very back, and that your first class is in the furthest possible building. Now, obviously it will not always be that bad, but this will ensure that you have ample time to make it to your class with time to spare, especially after you stop and talk to all the new friends that you’re going to make.


“Basically, you need to figure out what works for you and actively avoid those that don’t. Don’t do what I did and write every paper for your first two years of university in a panic induced frenzy that’s fueled by a literal litre of red bull and pizza.”



When it comes to studying, different things work for different people. Some people will develop a study schedule for midterms in order to keep themselves on track. A set time for each subject during the day so that you don’t over-study for some exams and forget to study for the others. Some people study late at night, or early in the morning. Some people need dead silence, and that’s where the second floor of the library comes in. If you are up there, make sure to be silent. Some people like music or movies in the background, or even studying or writing at The Well. All in all, you need to figure out what works for you. Don’t follow in my footsteps and write every paper for your first two years of university in a panic-induced frenzy fueled by a litre of red bull and pizza. When the professor tells you to start early, they are telling you that for a reason.

I won’t go through all the stuff that professors go through with you on your first day, but they do have a point worth mentioning. Go to class. Missing school is no joke. This isn’t high school, where one class means you don’t miss much. Missing one class could potentially mean that you’re playing catch up for the rest of the semester, which might sound a little outrageous, but when you have 3 Stephen King sized novels to read in a week, you will realize the importance of going to class.

One of the big things that people will tell you when you move out is to budget. It took me a month of ramen noodles and crystal light water to realize the importance of budgeting. The biggest thing that new students never realize, is how much money partying costs. It’s better to have a higher beer budget and less money elsewhere than to randomly run out of money. ?? What does this sentence mean?? So, you need to set yourself a realistic limit for going out, that includes drinks, cover, cabs, and food at 2 A.M. It goes a long way if you commit to staying within a budget limit that you set yourself.

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