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Resource Centres on Campus

September 6th, 2017

A guide to the resources available to students at UBCO

The Pride Resource Centre

In the closet under the stairs, on the first floor of the UNC building, students can find the Pride Resource Centre. The centre is open to everyone and its members strongly encourage students to drop by and ask questions. One of the centre’s main objectives is providing a safe space for constructive conversations, whether the subject of dialogue is around the queer community or sexuality in general. Through education and offering safe-sex supplies, they work to create a sex positive and intersectional feminist environment, which means lowering the rate of STI’s and sexual assaults on campus. The Pride Resource Centre argues that in order to effect positive change in regard to the queer or questioning and trans community on campus, difficult conversations are necessary. There is a safe and welcoming environment for these types of conversations here. And for those who are queer or questioning or trans, there is always a place at the Pride Resource Centre. A hard-working network of volunteers runs the centre, and therefore students who are interested in joining in are encouraged to do so. Stop by or send them an email to get the ball rolling.


“The Pride Resource Centre argues that in order to effect positive change in regard to the queer or questioning and trans community on campus, difficult conversations are necessary.”


The Womens Resource Centre

Paramount to the Women’s Resource Centre is the promotion of the rights and well being of women. The centre acknowledges that people will have questions and concerns regarding women’s health and relationships, and they feel it is important to provide a safe environment for such discussions. While not everyone can enroll in a Gender and Women’s Studies course, they can certainly take advantage of the centre’s educational events, such as their Tea Talks. During Tea Talks, students can acquire the tools necessary to deal with issues such as abuse and personal care while knowing they are in a non-judgemental space. Past Tea Talks have focused on themes such as victim blaming and missing and murdered Indigenous women. The centre also provides education on various forms of birth control and provides pads, tampons, and condoms free of charge. The Women’s Resource Centre recognizes the importance of an intersectional understanding of feminism, and therefore works to ensure that they are inclusive of everyone. If students are interested in getting involved with the Women’s Resource Centre, or they simply want to stop in to chat, they can find it in UNC 109, down the hallway by the ladies washroom. The centre strives to be approachable and welcoming, so don’t be afraid to say hi.

The Peer Support Network

A student’s success in university is strongly correlated with his or her mental health. The Peer Support Network understands this and offers a safe and comfortable space where students will be given undivided attention. Students are encouraged to come by the University Resource Centre, located by the Green Text Store in the UNC, and vocalize any struggles they have in order to work toward a solution. One of the most beneficial aspects of the centre is its connections; students are often provided with outside resources such as hotlines and contact information for trained counsellors. However, the centre also realizes that sometimes all a person needs is someone to listen. If you’re a student who is interested in getting involved with the Peer Support Network, drop by and talk to one of the members. There are comfy chairs and everybody is welcome.

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