Swimming through the Synapses

September 8th, 2017

Where to dive into the local art scene.


Kelowna is abundant in great places to experience the many forms that art takes. From ‘Wine and Paint Nights’ to local sculptures and beautiful art displays we have a feast for your eyes!

Kelowna Art Gallery

Head to our downtown Cultural District, at 1315 Water Street, where you can treat yourself to historical and cultural Canadian displays that are ever changing. Even if you’ve been there before, look again, there is always something new to check out! Furthermore, if you have ever thought, with a little nudge maybe you could get into this art stuff, then try one of the art classes offered during the fall and winter! They also offer art camps during the spring and summer for children. Family days are on Sundays where you can enjoy guided activities on a weekly changing theme. They are open Tuesday until Saturday 10am to 5pm, Thursdays from 10am until 9pm, and Sundays from 1pm-4pm. Admission for students is 4 bucks and Thursday is free to everyone!

Lake Country Art Gallery

Supporting both local and out of town artists their mandate is to foster interest, understanding, and enjoyment of art throughout the Lake country community as well as the Okanagan region. They do this by offering diverse exhibitions and public programming initiatives, for both adults and youth, by showcasing a range of art by emerging artists as well as community members. Take a break from studying and go enjoy some beautiful art in the small community of Lake Country located on the way to Vernon about ten to twenty minutes from campus.

Sopa Fine Arts

Located on 2934 South Pandosy Street this gallery celebrates contemporary art and represents international artists. There is nothing but glowing reviews so make sure to check it out! Open Tuesday- Saturday 11-5pm and Sunday 12-4pm. You can also schedule by appointment. They have photos of current and previous exhibitions online which is splendidly helpful if you’re on the fence about what you may find here.

Tutt Art Galleries

This gallery is more the place to be if you are in the market to purchase some beautiful Canadian art. Located at 3045 Tutt Street Kelowna in the South Pandosy Village. If your interest is piqued and you would like to take a gander they are open Tuesday- Friday 10am- 5pm and Saturday 10am- 4pm. Have existing pieces that you would like to appraise, get mounted, or frame? They offer all of those services! You can also, with a deposit, take a piece home and see if you like it in your dwelling, an awesome service to offer to the ponderer on the fence.

Hambleton Galleries

Nestled on Ellis in our downtown cultural district, if you visit here you will be treated to amazing Canadian art pieces. Not only do they offer paintings but also works in ceramics and glass as well as stone sculptures. This gallery specializes in historical Canadian art sales and on top of that restoration, conservation and appraisal of said art.

Gallery 421

You will find a delightful variety of art forms showcased here. They boast oils, acrylics, stone carvings, metal sculpture, bronzes, blown glass, jewelry, and pottery from regional and international artists. If you are seeking to purchase for yourself, or as a fancy gift to send back home, they offer free delivery in the Okanagan and free shipping within B.C. and Alberta. Located at 560 Raymer Ave you can peruse their collection Monday- Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 11am- 4pm.

Geert Maas Sculpture Gardens and Gallery

If you have ever been sauntering around downtown and wondered about the “At the Beach” sculpture down by Tug Boat Bay, you’re not alone. This gallery is put together by the man who created it Geert Maas. Come gaze upon his internationally acclaimed sculptures located at 250 Reynolds Road. One of the largest bronze collections in Canada, you can come peer at his heart and soul that has been poured into moulded creations. He also thrusts his passion through aluminum, stainless steel, stoneware, acrylic, and lacquer & oils. Generally open 7 days a week from 10am- 5pm, admission is by donation so you don’t need to spend a lot to come enjoy a physical manifestation of someone’s deepest creative outputs. Contact them here if you want brochures or more in-depth information about the gallery.

Pinot and Picasso

Sipping wine, guided painting, and no pressure. Who doesn’t like the sounds of that! Pinot and Picasso have been delivering amazing ‘Sip n’ Paint’ evenings for the last three years. Advertising drop-in sessions and social painting workshops there is something for every skill level. Want to take the concept a step further? They also offer bachelorette parties, client appreciation events, adult birthday parties, team building events, and memorable date nights. Drop in sessions can be a spectacular way to connect with your friends or to unwind before or during exams, plus if you have all of your own materials it is only ten bucks! Canvas pricing ranges from $20- $40 depending on size and return sessions, if you haven’t finished your masterpiece, is only 5 dollars to come back! During the drop-in sessions, they have artists available to help you with inspiration or advice on how to master something you may be trying for the first time. They include a wealth of resources to help you create and unleash your inner creativity. With the mantra “everyone has a creative side to them. Some may be more dormant than others but we can help you awaken yours! (with the help of our artist staff if needed!).” Summer hours are Wednesday- Friday 10am until 2pm and Saturday 10am- 4pm. Fall and winter hours to be announced soon. Let go of your trepidation and harness your creativity!

These will be wonderful outings to take your visiting family to, meet new friends at, or simply to get lost in the neural interpretation of someone else’s mind for a while. Lastly, don’t forget to check around campus often as there are always art installations and events to delight in.

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