Becoming the Greatest Hero in the World

October 6th, 2017

In My Hero Academia one boy sets out to become the world’s greatest hero despite not having a special quirk

Who doesn’t love superpowers and a main character who really makes you root for them! Well, that’s exactly what audiences will get with ‘My Hero Academia’. It debuted April 16 2016 and is currently going into its third season. It boasts a fantastic group of characters who you grow an unexplainable fondness towards throughout its first season. The show introduces a world where people have developed superpowers called ‘quirks’ that they usually develop in childhood. It can be anything from super strength or speed to having a cat head. The main protagonist named ‘Izuku Midoriya’ is a quirk-less child who dreams of one day becoming a great superhero. He idolizes the current roster of pro heroes and keeps a notebook for studying everything about them and what it would take for him to become a pro himself. A chance encounter intertwines Midoriya’s fate with that of his utmost favorite hero, ‘All Might’, activating the first season with an explosive start. It also holds a subtle positive message that even ordinary people without super powers can make a difference and that’s one of the reasons the show is so uplifting.


“The animation is top notch and the characters are multi-dimensional so they are easy to enjoy and relate

It is a 13-episode emotional, exciting, and action-packed first season that leaves you craving more instantly. It does rely on certain clichés that are expected of the Shonen genre, but it doesn’t over-clutter it or take away from its quality. The animation is top notch and the characters are multi-dimensional so they are easy to enjoy and relate to. The quirks are clever and varied which keep it fresh and interesting and if you have the time, it will probably make you want to binge every episode available.

Unfortunately, thus far the villains are grossly underdeveloped and their backstory is almost nonexistent. There is enough detail there to develop some fear for what they are capable of doing in the future but none of the ‘why’ they are doing it. It leaves a lot of development for the next season and beyond, which is not a hindrance, but it would have ultimately made them more interesting characters.

It always helps to have superbly voice-acted characters to help draw you into an animated show and, in my opinion, this series doesn’t disappoint. From the booming proud voice of All Might (voiced by Christopher Sabat) to the rage-filled, gritty voice of Midoriya’s ‘frenemy’ Bakugo (voiced by Clifford Chapin) and everyone in between, you can feel the passion and candour that these characters are expressing. It serves to submerse you into the adventure and laugh, cheer or, dare I say it, get a little misty when the characters experience the trials and hardships that come with trying to be a hero in training.

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