Healing through Art

October 10th, 2017

Provided by Aaron K Metz

Provided by Aaron K Metz

Creating pieces that not only promote oneness but also promote healing

Aaron K Metz is a local innovative artist who aims to bring serenity and peace wherever his work goes. His work ranges from small to wall-filling, but they are always vast and eye-catching with an emotional awe-inspiring depth to them. He paints celestial stellar landscapes of art. Aaron layers different mediums such as acrylic paint, crystals, minerals and alcohol inks, all topped off with a hard coat of resin to make it shine. Aaron has developed this particular style of art for a while and now it has really taken on a wonder and presence that is making an impression. “Throughout my artistic development, I have always had the desire to communicate those intangible concepts within me through my art. Stargazing into our night sky has the capacity to churn feelings of joy, wonderment and awe of how vast life and creation truly is. This renders us into a state of harmony.  My intention in my art is to echo those emotions.

I strive for you to be able to immerse yourself into my creations and recognize the craftsmanship, care and unique visible and invisible qualities of my work.” Metz encourages his audience to gaze deeply into his art and into ourselves to really explore the subtle nuances that make life magnificent.

He created the Selenite series. This was a project of affordable art where only 100 pieces were made with the healing crystal selenite infused in the resin over the acrylic cosmos painting. The goal was to grid the planet with these pieces, as they provide endless health benefits due to the crystals, and they shipped all over the world. Only 12 remain in stock, the rest have dispersed throughout the earthly cosmos.


Throughout my artistic development, I have always had the desire to communicate those intangible concepts within me through my art.”

Aaron never uses black for these paintings. It is the deepest purple acrylic that acts as the base or first level of the piece. Next, Aaron lets the divine energy guide him in his meditation and his hand follows the guidance he receives. It really is different every time. Sometimes you have a smattering of stars laid out and other times they are whipped into a stardust nebula. Other times a massive beautiful vortex takes up the bulk of the canvas. Even spheres of negative space filled with stardust are the results of this guided approach. After this step, Metz adds the crystals, which vary in type but are most often Selenite. It is one of the more powerful healing stones that Aaron is drawn to use. He also uses amethyst, citrine, tourmaline, chrysocolla, peridot, and lepidolite. Next, comes the rush of a thick resin followed by the solar flare of a blow torch to release the trapped air bubbles. Alcohol inks are then dripped, manipulated, and danced into place. Then comes the time for the piece to rest for the day to get ready and show off its shine on the morrow.


Provided by Aaron K Metz

Provided by Aaron K Metz

Some of his more recent pieces contain sacred geometry and glow in the dark features. His face mount prints have LED lights built in “giving an illumination that couldn’t be duplicated by any external lighting.” Currently, he is working on developing some really innovative pieces that infuse sound responsive LED lights. These wonders will be dawning at an installation at the new technology building downtown, which will show off how technology can beautifully interact with art. He makes wall art and prints, as well as including his art on watches ( and clothes.

His works can be found for sale at and to view on Instagram at his main account @aaronkmetzartist or @exhaleartgallery. They are also currently on display at Chaibaba Tea on Ellis, Float space, 421 gallery, ExNihilo winery, and will be featured at Karmyc Bazaar on October 1st. He was also nominated for local artist of the year for 2017. His work is truly a wonder to behold and his personal demeanour is also one of compassion and love.

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