Tearing up the Commons Field

October 10th, 2017

The ongoing construction continues at UBCO

Walking around UBC Okanagan this year is to dodge around all sorts of construction. From the new transit system, the John Hindle Drive closure, and the construction of the new Teaching and Learning Centre, construction is always visible on campus. However, there is one aspect of construction that is not as immediately obvious as to why it is taking place- the construction to the Commons field.

For the few that may not know, the Commons is the field north of the UNC which residence buildings Kalamalka, Nicola, and Purcell all face toward. Since school has begun, half of it has been closed due to construction. Unlike some of the other construction occurring around campus, UBCO is receiving a Federal Investment from the Government of Canada to update and repurpose the field, as a part of the Western Economic Diversification of Canada.

This investment is part of Canada’s 150 Community Infrastructure Program. According to the Government of Canada’s website, this $300-million fund was put in place to celebrate “Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation”, while investing in “the community spaces that bring Canadians together.” Of the $300-million allotted to this “up to 92.4 million is being invested across Western Canada.”


In regards to the Commons, this money will be going toward upgrading and repurposing the field.”

This investment was announced on August 17 and is part of the eight projects that are taking place around the communities of the BC Interior. The Government of Canada is giving $970,000 for these projects to foster “safer, more reliable infrastructure.” In regards to the Commons, this money will be going toward upgrading and repurposing the field. Deborah Buszard, Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Principal, stated that these enhancements to the field “will have a significant positive impact on student life and make the field more versatile for community recreation.” Buszard thanked the Government of Canada as well for the investment to UBCO’s infrastructure. Soon, the campus will have a brand new field to accompany its new buildings and transit systems.

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