Hustler against Trump

November 6th, 2017

Who wants Ten Million Dollars?

Who would think that the owner of a porn magazine would be the downfall of President Trump? Well nobody, except Larry Flynt. Larry is the owner of Hustler, who has offered a 10-million-dollar payment for anyone who can provide a “smoking gun” on Donald Trump. You may not know of Larry, but it is not the first time he has made the news. Back when the ‘locker room talk’ issue surrounding Trump came up, it was after Larry made the same offer but for one million dollars, and Donald still became the president. This just goes to show that this offer does not matter in the slightest.

Trump once said that he could stand in the middle of Times Square and shoot someone and not lose any voters. That is a tough statement because it might be true, but that statement alone would be enough to end a normal politicians career. Every politician has supporters on extreme levels, but Trump supporters are unusual for a completely different reason.


It doesn’t seem to matter what Trump does or says, people have a higher tolerance for his shenanigans.


Of course, there are extreme supporters for Trump, like Nazis, but the average person who voted for him has a devotion to what he represents, not the actual person. Nobody can say that the ‘locker room talk’ is appropriate, even in the locker room. But the supporters still voted for him because “he is not a politician,” and “he is a straight shooter.” It doesn’t seem to matter what Trump does or says, people have a higher tolerance for his shenanigans.

This is not okay. Just because he is not a politician does not mean he is held to any less of a standard. If anything, he should be held higher. He is supposed to be “draining the swamp” but instead, someone has actually offered a butt-load of money to find a reason to get him fired.

So, if anybody does have information worth 10 million, it really does have to be a smoking gun. If the locker room talk didn’t do it, then new information needs to proof of illegal activity or it probably won’t matter.

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