New Life to The Well

April 10th, 2018


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The Well. That little piece of heaven nestled into the UNC. The perfect space for studying, catching up with friends (or professors if you’re lucky enough), all while enjoying a nice pint of cold beer. Which is exactly what you want out of your student pub: a relaxed getaway from class. Essentially, during the day, The Well is the perfect daytime student bar, an opinion which should not come as a shock, as I bartend at The Well every Friday. What is more surprising, however, is my opinion on the events that take place at The Well, which is that they are simply not as good as they used to be. It is not that the bar has changed, but that the events themselves have changed, and it is not the clubs to blame, but the role of V.P. services.

I have noticed in my year bartending that the club events are the most attended of all the events. The Rock and Roll club recently had an open mic night and bluntly put, it was lit AF. Well Wednesdays have been nothing noteworthy as of late, with some exceptions. The Hawaiian night did, however, pull in a significant crowd as well, as most of the under 19 events. Even those are ridiculous in their own way, as damage always follows with holes in the wall and broken tables. Apparently, the adult-sized children that attend those events need to have some parent chaperones.

This is not to blame any previous V.P. services in particular, but the collection of them. No single executive has significantly dropped the ball, but rather it has been a slow decline with a lack of promotion and innovative and creative events. This is looking to change, however.

The incumbent V.P. services, Taylor Dotto, is a colleague at The Well, and as a result, has some creative ways to get out of this funk. Her plan is to add a more diverse set of events, with a wider arrange of drink specials. This is super important because many events are simply not well known. Add this to her plan to simply up the number of events taking place and you have yourself a recipe for success.

Youvisit.com https://www.youvisit.com/tour/photos/ubcca/80216?id=416078


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