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De-Stress with the Peer Support Network

April 6th, 2017

Stressed about term papers? Finals? What to do with your life after you’ve graduated? Take a break from stressing and join the Peer Support Network and Heatwave Radio in the courtyard today (April 6) for De-Stress Day! From 12 – 4 pm today you’ve got the chance to relax and hang out with your friends, […]

Photo provided by Shanelle Connell / Victoria Blaire Photography
Shanelle Connell is Not Your Average Pageant Girl
March 15th, 2017
Tuum Est Initiative logo
Tuum Est Student Initiative Fund: It Is Yours
February 24th, 2017
UBCSUO Election Candidate Platforms
February 23rd, 2017
Presidential Candidate - Kimberly Rutledge
Presidential Candidate: Kimberly Rutledge
February 23rd, 2017
Science - Alex Regular
Faculty of Science Representative Candidate: Alex Regular
February 23rd, 2017
Services - Mohamed Azzam
VP Services Candidate: Mohamed Azzam
February 23rd, 2017
External - Amal Alhuwayshil
VP External Candidate: Amal Ahulwayshil
February 23rd, 2017
ApSci - Akshay Sapra
Faculty of Applied Science Representative Candidate: Akshay Sapra
February 23rd, 2017
Internal - Max Lauretta
VP Internal Candidate: Massimiliano Lauretta
February 23rd, 2017