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Student Activism in Times of Turmoil: UBC’s Hollow Rhetoric and the RBC Off-Campus Movement

While some students feel paralyzed by climate anxiety, others have decided to turn their anxiety into direct action. “We support Indigenous sovereignty, climate action, and student wellbeing, and because of that, we are speaking out against our Student Union’s partnership with RBC.”

Students Raise Their Voices Against Various Issues at the SUO AGM

The student participation at this year’s Annual General Meeting was one of, if not the, highest ever. It is amazing to see students involved, informed, and passionate about student governance.

Freelancing and Freeriding: UBC Okanagan student Mathew Wanbon is making a career out of his passion for the outdoors

Mathew Wanbon is a storyteller, photographer, and action sports enthusiast — and his freelance work allows him to participate in all of these interests at the same time.
Science & Technology

Let’s Talk Science: An Empowering Volunteering Odyssey for University Students

As we move into a time that is highly interconnected with our knowledge of science it’s important to think about how we communicate this information to younger generations.

A Value Village Vendetta: Navigating Sustainable Fashion, Rising Prices, and Ethical Considerations

Looking at the thrift stores we visit, it will quickly become apparent that not all are equal.

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