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Time will tell what causes led to November’s landslides, but there are several causes already being considered.

Though it may take some time to determine what factors contributed to B.C.’s devastating flooding, environmental change due to climate change, wildfires, and forestry are all important drivers of landslides. Past research has investigated the relationship between forestry, wildfires, and damage similar to what B.C. is currently experiencing, and could elicit some insight into what has occurred.

UBCO Students are Suffering Amid Recent Flooding

The precarious and stressful nature of the situation forced one student into accepting zeros on assignments and they are therefore compromising their grades … What’s more, one student lamented about having to order a kid’s meal from Dairy Queen just to get fruit and milk.

The Sin in the Smile: Tackling Toxic Positivity

I often felt assailed by a feeling of emotional inertia where I would be stuck in either anxiety or drowsiness because confronting the cacophony of unwelcome changes and adaptations brought on by being a student with this virus was too much. In the midst of this internal struggle, I also was chagrined by a nagging injunction to be positive, to be productive, and to put my feelings to the side.
Science & Technology

Animals may move through our neighbourhoods, but fear of wildlife doesn’t do any good. Respect does.

When an adult cougar went walking through several Kelowna neighbourhoods earlier this month, it garnered consistent news coverage. But our history with wildlife in British Columbia shows that media hysteria and fear are much less effective at building a healthy relationship between people and animals than respecting animals personal space, life histories, and habitat.

Who to call in an emergency: Exploring the UBC Safe App and the RCMP

When a crime is being committed, it is encouraged to call the RCMP because they are likely to be able to provide help as soon as possible. But for persons who are not white, abled, straight, or male, there are additional barriers to effective and safe care that one would have to consider; a long history of abuse has made many different communities feel unsafe and underserved.
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