UBC invites diversity but does not accommodate it: international students face challenges with language requirements.

For Black Caribbean people such as myself, our ancestors were forced to not speak their languages and adapt to the European languages of the enslavers. I very much do speak two languages, so why is my English not acceptable enough and my Creole not counted by UBC?
Science & Technology

Climate Change is Real and It’s Here, including the Okanagan

A recent report from the Canadian Institute for Climate Choices highlights the ways that climate change is threatening infrastructure and housing across Canada. Kelowna is no exception. On both sides of town, flooding and wildfires represent tangible threats to the city's housing market and communities.

Committing to Truth & Reconciliation After Truth & Reconciliation Day

“If we are going to make change and if there is going to be a change, we are going to have to be the ones to always push.” - Edna Terbasket
Campus Life

UBCO Students Have Spoken: Feedback for Nechako and Pritchard

Students were interviewed to find out what was working and not working at Nechako and Pritchard. Of the students who were interviewed (all of them first years), their favorite thing about Nechako was the overall atmosphere of the place.

Cultivating Resistance to Harmful Anxiety

The preeminent message in this discussion of overwhelming worry is one of hope that, through your own timing and process, you can rewrite the role of anxiety in the story of your life.

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