Stop Anti-Asian Hate: An Interview with Mona Wang

Numerous protests were organized across Canada protesting a rise in anti-Asian hate, to learn more about these protests and how we can show our support, the Phoenix had the opportunity to interview Mona Wang.

First Things First: Grime as a Combative Force in the Fight Against Racial Discrimination in the UK

Train Ticket Bookmarks is a publishing platform with a team of UBCO graduates whose mission is to make it easier to access poetry, stories, and academic works. This piece is written by the social media coordinator and contributor for Train Ticket Bookmarks, Sophia Rideout.

All We Can Do Is Try Our Best At Ethical Consumerism

“The measure of our souls isn’t to be taken in what we buy, but what we do.” As I get to the end of my time writing for The Phoenix, I have realised that a large chunk of my work, especially within the Lifestyle section, has focused on the perils of consumerism and providing alternatives to our need to buy products that are advertised to us.

Virtual Burnout: You Are Not Alone

The Phoenix reached out to students to find out how they feel at the end of this difficult semester. Not surprisingly, the virtual burnout felt by students is real and tangible even though online courses feel the exact opposite. Although students are far apart right now, it is comforting to know we are all struggling through the end of the online term together. Author: Rachel Macarie

Why You Should Share Your Art

As I placed my photo book atop Rose Valley, I realized it was no longer my photo book. It now belongs to everyone that interacts with it. That gave me a feeling of accomplishment that I’ve never felt before.
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