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Yes, You Can Study Wine at UBCO.

Everybody knows that wine is a part of the cultural opportunities of life in the Okanagan. But thanks to the Wine Research Centre, wine is also part of the academic opportunities at UBCO.

A Creative Writer’s Guide to Their (Un)Death: A Manifesto

"Fundamentally, a critic must not represent a character as if they are a real person, or a text as if it is reality. The literary analyst, i.e., an English major, must identify the fictitious nature of the character and from whom the character was created, i.e., the creative writer."

The Different Reactions to “Oh my God, You Speak [Language] So Well!”

There is an ignorance circulating in North America about how prevalent the English language is in the world. And, just because someone has an accent different from yours, that does not mean they, like me, learned the language as a second language. In fact, many of the people who I have talked to feel degraded when told their English is good because, of course it is, it’s one of their first languages. 
Campus Life

UBCO Residence Advisors are Attempting to Unionize

Did you know that, like many staff positions on campus, the UBCO RAs are attempting to unionize? Unfortunately, it is not all rainbows and butterflies for this team of 85 hard working part-time employees. Not everyone is satisfied with their current work conditions and seek to enact change. On the other hand, not everyone wants that change and fear a union might alter their job for the worse.

Canada’s Migrant Mosaic

I get the sense that if there is an idea of the “Canadian dream,” it is not carried by people who are hunched over and aching with woes but rather people beaming with life and laughter and striving towards a goal.
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