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UBCO Student Braydon Neiszner is fired up about fighting climate change. He’s out to understand the efficacy and efficiency of B.C.’s carbon tax.

Why does B.C.’s carbon tax work? Is it built right? Or is it just implemented in the right place? These are the questions driving Economics and Mathematics Honours student Braydon Neiszner’s research on how the carbon tax affects different communities across the country.

An Ode to Being Lonely for the Holidays

Whether you’re stuck at school or alienated in your childhood home, the holidays are the absolute most wonderful time of the year to be heartbroken, homesick, lovesick and lonely.

Sticking Around In Kelowna This Winter Break? Here Are Some Things You Can Do to Recharge and Celebrate the Holidays

From light displays, movie nights, skating, and more, there are lots of fun events and activities happening on and off campus over the break.

Luz-Marina Roberts

“There is nothing more absurd than having no milk on the shelves and then having dairy farmers in the same region pouring their milk down the drain” -Dr. Mary Stockdale.

The Global Engagement Office & Latin American Student Organization: Teaming up to celebrate Day of the Dead and hold spaces for Latin American students at UBCO

“Something that really touched me was when we were setting up the altar and a student came up and said that this week they were feeling really homesick because this was a big celebration in Mexico and this was their first year away from home. Some students shared that this initiative really got to them and they felt represented and that they belonged in this community and that is what we wanted to do in UBC as a whole.”- Emilio Freire Raymond

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