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Animals may move through our neighbourhoods, but fear of wildlife doesn’t do any good. Respect does.

When an adult cougar went walking through several Kelowna neighbourhoods earlier this month, it garnered consistent news coverage. But our history with wildlife in British Columbia shows that media hysteria and fear are much less effective at building a healthy relationship between people and animals than respecting animals personal space, life histories, and habitat.

Who to call in an emergency: Exploring the UBC Safe App and the RCMP

When a crime is being committed, it is encouraged to call the RCMP because they are likely to be able to provide help as soon as possible. But for persons who are not white, abled, straight, or male, there are additional barriers to effective and safe care that one would have to consider; a long history of abuse has made many different communities feel unsafe and underserved.

Jewels of HOPE: Offering a Sustainable Way to Help Marginalized Women in the Community

“The goal is to invite their creativity, their capacity, and their ability to take the steps and feel confident that there is something worth striving, living, and growing for.” - Lorraine Richmond, Jewels of HOPE Project Lead
Campus Life

Behind the B.A.R.K.

“The one thing we guarantee in B.A.R.K. is that students who spend time with B.A.R.K. dogs, leave the session feeling better than when they arrived.” - Dr. John-Tyler Binfet, B.A.R.K. Director

Do not hoard food and necessities during BC’s State of Emergency. Take only what you need.

This mania feels like deja-vu; we all have a collective memory of when the hoarding of groceries and toilet paper created unnecessary panic at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Why haven’t we learned our lesson?

Dear Mr. John Horgan and Mr. Justin Trudeau: When will the Climate Crisis be worth your action?

To our leaders: What else do we need to lose? Your home? Someone you love? If someone you loved died during a heatwave? If they were washed away by a landslide? Or is it enough, for you now, to look at the very real things people are losing, and do something?
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