Barre is an up-and-coming fitness trend that combines ballet, yoga and pilates, which means it often poses a challenge for those who don’t have any experience in dance or gymnastics, like me. Over the weekend I decided to check out the hype by attending my first ever barre class, and I was not only surprised by how challenging I found it, but also by how much I enjoyed it.

Photo by Club Fit (Flickr)

The 60-minute class that I attended consisted of various movements that often engaged my arms, legs and core all at once. The challenging aspect of the class wasn’t the actual movements themselves but rather maintaining the postures and technical form associated with each movement.

Throughout the class I found myself using muscles that I don’t normally target while training at a regular gym. I also found that the class went by quicker than most workouts because I was focused on my form rather than the time.

The class not only incorporated a barre, which is used in ballet for balance, but also a yoga mat, free weights, and a resistance band. The mix of equipment helped to change the pace throughout the class which also made time go by quicker.

The instructor was supportive and encouraging. At the end of class, she spoke to me about the different styles of barre that she teaches. The class I attended was a moderate level class, however, the instructor said for a more intense workout I could attend a power Barre class or for lower intensity I could attend a yoga barre class.

The benefits of barre include improved posture, flexibility, and muscle toning. I would recommend barre class to those who are looking for a new challenge or a way to change up their own workout routine.

Currently, there are no barre classes offered in UBCO’s group fitness schedule. However, during first-semester UBCO’s SISU organized a group barre class at Barresoul in town, and plan to organize another group barre class during the second semester. To stay up to date on their upcoming Barre class and other events follow UBCO SISU on Facebook or Instagram.