With reading week just around the corner, we thought we’d round up a list of some art-related events happening in Kelowna for the viewing pleasure of The Phoenix’s readers. Below you’ll find the locations of art galleries in Kelowna and the events and shows that are taking place at each location over the next few months. Take a look at the descriptions and links below for exhibitions, shows, and events that might be a welcome distraction from this particularly stressful term:  

Kelowna Art Gallery

Northern Pine: Watercolours and Drawings by the Group of Seven from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Saturday, October 24, 2020 — Sunday, March 7, 2021

Northern Pine Exhibit; by Sam Grinnell

“Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven, this exhibition offers audiences a seldom seen side of Canadian art history. It presents 66 of the Group’s largely unknown works, such as a portfolio of lithographs that were published in 1925 by Rous & Mann, a firm at which several of the members had worked.”


Northern Pine Exhibit; by Sam Grinnell

Rotary Centre for Arts

Art Talks

The next art talk will be on Tuesday, November 10th

“Art Talks is an opportunity for artists and art leaders to have a conversation with the Kelowna community. Art Talks is held every 4th Tuesday of the month. Interested community members can sign up for free. Talks would be set up on Zoom for two-way engagement. We request RSVPs in advance and three days before the event.”


Living Our Art Exhibit

6:00 PM Saturday, Nov 21, 2020

“A socially distanced event to celebrate the Syilx/Okanagan Nation Artists. Re-connect and be inspired by what makes our Valley vibrant and colorful and collect historical knowledge and Indigenous art at a safe distance.”


The Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art

Marguerite MacIntosh // From Away

Friday, October 30, 2020 – Saturday, November 21, 2020

“Marguerite MacIntosh is the next artist to occupy the Member’s Space of The Alternator. Her exhibition, From Away, depicts a series of paintings inspired by local flora and informed by her background in architecture.”


Sora Park // One Of Them Will Be Unlucky

Friday, November 20, 2020 – Saturday, January 9, 2021

“In Sora Park’s exhibition One of Them Will Be Unlucky, she uses her own family's history of migration as an impetus to explore the role that language plays in depicting the complexity of understanding diaspora. The exhibition is inspired by the artist's great-grandfather who became one of the very first Korean residents in Berlin in the early 1900s. In an attempt to explore her family’s history, she decided to go through her great-grandfather’s belongings depicting his life in Germany as a student. However, the letters and notes written in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and German only raised more questions than answers.”


Moozhan Ahmadzadegan // Where Are You Really From?

Friday, November 20,2020 – Saturday, January 9, 2021

“Where Are You Really From? is an exploration into the complex intersections of ethnicity, cultural hybridity, and nationality. Moozhan navigates the complicated implications of seemingly innocent questions, such as ‘where are you from?’ a question often presented by strangers upon first meeting him. This work is informed by the ritual of the conversation evoked by such questions; strangers will often ask him where he is from, noticing that he may not look white, or that his name sounds very “ethnic”. He responds, as a second-generation Canadian, that he is from Canada. The follow-up question is almost always the same, ‘where are you really from?’.”


Lake Country Art Gallery

Julie Oakes and Christian Bernard Singer: On the Eighth Day
Saturday, October 10th – Saturday, November 21st

On the Eighth Day, is an exhibition of works by Julie Oakes and Christian Bernard Singer that explores the act of creating as inherently linked to the ability to destroy in order to bring about harmony and peace, or chaos and loss. As we grapple with the climate crisis and a world pandemic, humans are being given an opportunity to review our relationship with the land that we were given, but on which we are merely passing tenants.”


FINA Gallery at UBCO

Art Apart: Works by Cool Arts artists

Friday, November 13 – 26, 2020

“Although many of us have had to be separated during this time — which has been especially hard on those of us with disabilities and health issues — we’ve still managed to come together to make art as a community!

The exhibition will be open for visitors with safety protocols in place. Stay tuned for a virtual tour available on fccs.ok.ubc.ca.

This exhibition is organized by Cool Arts Society and supported by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the UBCO Partnership Recognition Grant.”


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