One of the storied traditions of the fall semester is upon us: the Dirty Dash. This year, the hallowed event took place on Friday, October 14. A grueling test of physical endurance, coordination, teamwork, style, and the will to win awaited the 34 teams that signed up for the event this year. 

The dash was planned to start at 3:30 and end at 5pm, but the pool having to be filled with water caused a brief delay. The obstacle selection was varied, including cornhole tosses, tummy crawls, a water pit, three-legged races, leapfrogs, and even uphill runs. 

Such an event brought forth a wide array of newcomers and veterans alike, who had pretty extraordinary and curious perspectives on the race; presented below: 

How are y’all feeling before the race?

  1. Second year veterans: “Confident jitters. Yeah, we are trying to channel the energy of the nervousness into effort in the mud.”
  2. First year entrants: “Very scared, scared I’m telling you!”
  3. First year entrants: “Nervous but excited to get muddy.”

Any pre-race meals or rituals that your team partook in?

  1. First time competitor: “Two shrimp sandwiches, that’s right.”
  2. Second year veterans: “18 pancakes, the little kodiak ones, but still 18. That and my teammate had chicken, corn, and potatoes; the meal of champions.”
  3. First year entrants: “So many donuts, shout out to Ogopogo’s.” 
  4. First year entrants: “Half an apple and a granola, amongst the whole team (laughs). We tried to do a protein shake, but the schedules did not permit it.”

Going for any prizes?

  1. First time competitor: “Only dubs, you know? First place or no place.”
  2. First time competitors: “Going for spirited, don’t know if first place though.”
  3. Second year veterans: “Trying to go for first. We have a Pacman-ghost mindset, you know? We want to have fun like gorillas chasing bananas.”
  4. First time entrants: “No prizes, we just want to have fun and try to not eat too much dirt.”
  5. First time entrants: “Trying to win, but we will see.”

Want to shout out anything?

  1. First time competitor: “Eat more shrimp sandwiches, they are the key. Shout out to the food trucks.”
  2. First time competitors: “Shout out to the cool birds.”
  3. Second year veterans: “Shout out to Olivia & Eric, they couldn’t be here,” somber pause “not because of anything bad, they just had midterms (laughs). Nonetheless their spirit lives on.”
  4. First time competitors: “Not really, we want to eat dirt.”
  5. First time competitors: “Shout out to the Baby Yoda’s Ninjas.” 

I know what you might be thinking: the thin veil of anonymity really does bring out great personalities. Best part is, some of these dirty dashing, mud splashing, hill running, endurance racing characters are closer to you than you might think. 

You might bump into an innocuous student at the Commons’ door, or they might be in line to order coffee behind you and seem normal enough. Yet normal is the last thing they are. For they conquered not Olympus, but its equivalent in Kelowna. 

The trials and tribulations of all are unique, but few can say that the Dirty Dash they complete. 

Congratulations to the brave students that conquered the hallowed obstacle course. And, of course, hip-hop-hurray to UBCO Recreation for organizing such a great event every year. 

Special thanks to:

Jennifer Callow, UBCO Recreation coordinator, and all those in working the magic behind the scenes. 

The Brave and Anonymous students interviewed.

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