by Moozhan Ahmadzadegan

This September marks the 15th anniversary of the opening of UBC’s Okanagan campus. Indeed, on September 5, 2005, UBCO officially opened its doors to students after a momentous merger with Okanagan University College. Since then, countless talented and innovative artists have passed through the Okanagan campus, just as they continue to today.

In celebration of this anniversary and the talent that our campus has been home to, alumni UBC and the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies have designed and produced a catalogue, aptly titled FIFTEEN, that features the works of fifteen UBCO alumni from both the BFA and MFA programs.

by Tania Willard

In addition to the catalogue, the Kelowna Art Gallery is currently hosting a parallel exhibition in The Front Project Space that showcases both new and archival works from these chosen artists. Through the catalogue and exhibit, a diverse range of mediums are presented including painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing.

The chosen artists represent a group of students that have continued their visual art and creative practice and have made profound contributions to the arts community both locally and globally. The artists featured in the catalogue and exhibition include AJ Jaeger, Arden Boehm, Brit Bachmann, Carin Covin, Christian Nicolay, Connor Charlesworth, David & Jorden Doody, Ed Spence, Jon Corbett, Moozhan Ahmadzadegan, Pamela Turner, Sarah Burwash, Scott Bertram, and Tania Willard.

In a statement about the catalogue and exhibition, Sarah Neely, the Associate Director of alumni UBC at UBC Okanagan, explained the project’s aim:

FIFTEEN examines cultural, environmental, and social issues, as well as perceptions, thought processes, and aspects of life through the eyes of our alumni. Bringing these works together, this collection reflects the diversity and perspectives that our graduates have brought to the world. Whether you are a member of the community who is passionate about the arts, a current student, or an artist featured in the publication, we hope this collection will provide an opportunity to pause, reflect, and feel inspired.”

by Christian Nicolay

FIFTEEN will be on exhibit at the Kelowna Art Gallery in The Front Project Space from September 19 to November 15, 2020. UBC Okanagan alumni will receive complimentary admission at the Kelowna Art Gallery during Homecoming weekend. The accompanying catalogue will be available for sale at the exhibition and at the UBCO bookstore. For more information about the exhibition visit  

by Connor Charlesworth