Image by KY (Flickr)

Maybe you're getting sick of hearing how COVID-19 is ruining everything. Well, for the first time since the World Wars, the Olympics have been postponed to 2021 due to the growing concerns of COVID-19.

Athletes from all around the world have been training for the projected 2020 Tokyo summer Olympics. Moreover, for the first time, the Women's 3X3 basketball division was scheduled to make its debut, in which Canada qualified to play. 

There was lots to look forward to this Olympics. Tokyo, a glorious metropolis of over nine million people with stunning ocean views and architecture, was likely to put on a remarkable show that would now be postponed. The Internal Olympic Committee made a statement indicating that the games would continue no later than Summer 2021.

Photo by MB AusD (Flickr)

Regardless, the cancelling of the Olympics is a safe call given the current global state and uncertainty. As always the health and safety of communities are of most importance and more will be known after COVID-19 runs its course.

Since 1896, the Olympics have been an international competition and its only been cancelled three other times in history. This was due to 1916’s World War One and twice during World War Two in 1940 and 1944. Now it’s not to compare COVID-19 to the World Wars, but it certainly expresses how the disease is a common threat across the globe.

As COVID-19 continues to be a serious damper on sports and events, we can look forward to a busy future in sports as organizations, Olympians, fans, communities, and economies as countries will hopefully return to ‘normal’.