On February 11th I left the cold flat lands of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (where I had been staying with my parents until I flew) and got on a plane to Melbourne, Australia to begin my year abroad. Here’s that day in a nutshell.

*CST – Saskatoon time.

*AEDT – Melbourne time.

5:37am CST (10:37pm AEDT) – Woke up to get the last bits packed before I go.

7:31am CST (12:31am AEDT) – I’ve left the house with my parents to drive to the airport.

7:36am CST (12:36am AEDT) – I’ve returned to the house because I forgot glasses.

8:13am CST (1:13am AEDT)- All checked in and ready to go.

10:17am CST (3:17am AEDT) – Landed in Calgary. First flight done and now to find a Timmy’s for the last meal in Canada.

12:50pm CST (5:50am AEDT) - Watching the safety video on the plane for my flight to LA and I have realized that people always appear very calm when putting on their life jackets in these videos. I feel as though there should be more concern. I would be very concerned if I had to use my life jacket on a plane.

3:26pm CST (8:26am AEDT) – Landed in LA and the sun is shinning. This is a far cry from the cold and snow I left this morning.

3:55pm CST (8:55am AEDT) - I just saw a paparazzo. Now I am on the lookout for Adele!

6:20pm CST (11:20am AEDT)- My saviour Dennis at Virgin Australia switched me from a middle seat to an aisle for my 15-hour flight to Australia. The travel gods are working in my favour!

8:17pm CST (1:17pm AEDT) - I am so tired already. I’ve attempted not make a bed on a food court bench. I pray to the travel gods that I am able to get some sleep on the flight.

9:26pm CST (2:26pm AEDT)- Just met a famous Australian football player from Collingwood named Dane Swan while waiting to board. To be honest, I didn’t actually know who he was, but while he was sitting beside me a few people asked for a picture with him. I was too curious to not know who he was, so I asked, “Excuse me, what is it that you do?” Then I proceeded to google him.

10:07pm CST (3:07pm AEDT) – I took control of the situation and, as I was getting seated, I asked when dinner was going to be served. I’m not going to turn down a meal, so I need to know when an appropriate time is to go to sleep. I’ve been told 45 minutes after we’re in the air they will serve dinner. Okay. Cool. I can do this. I can stay up until then. I’ve got this.

10:16pm CST (3:16pm AEDT) – Shockingly the safety video on this flight isn’t half bad. They are on a racetrack and using race car analogies to rely the safety information. I’m impressed.

10:37pm CST (3:37pm AEDT) – Oh my goodness! We have been taxing for over 15 mins! I swear we are driving to Melbourne.

12:07am CST (5:07pm AEDT) - Dinner has been served (I had the quiche). Now it’s time to try and sleep.

10:21am CST (3:21am AEDT)- Holy bananas! I just woke up and there is 3 hours and 7 minutes left on the flight. The travel gods have been good to me this trip.

1:25pm CST (6:25am AEDT)- Wheels on the ground. Finally, in Melbourne.

1:45pm CST (6:45am AEDT) – I swear I just had a fast walking competition with a guy getting off of my flight because I’m pretty sure he sped up when I sped up and I know I sped up when he sped up. Or is this all in my head? Because if it’s not, I definitely won that race.

2:17pm CST (7:17am AEDT) – This luggage belt is taking forever, and it is so humid. Travel gods, where are you?

3:34pm CST (8:34am AEDT) – Enjoying this ride from the airport to the city is great. It’s reminding of why I love Melbourne so much.

4:17pm CST (9:17am AEDT) - Made it to the Airbnb! Time to shower.

It was a long journey, but I made it. Now let’s get ready to start this year abroad.

Talk soon,

Maria xx