Since COVID-19 is forcing us to make some adjustments in our lives we need to be creative and diligent in staying active.

It can be tough to stay in shape outside of the gym and organized sports. Now there is an easy way to stay in shape, it fortunately requires no money and no equipment, but it is the most redundant of all exercises. Yes, RUNNING! That dreaded trudging of the feet on pavement, the clunking of your big brain in your skull as you gallop valiantly across the hills and valleys of the beautiful Okanagan and beyond. 

Let's be honest, there is nothing glamorous about running but it's certainly a way to get your heart rate up and activate those large muscle groups. Call me a wizard, but a little jog every day might be all you need to stay in shape. Throw in some pushups, sit-ups and planks and you probably can keep your body reasonably fit. Maybe a brisk walk or a little hike can get the blood flowing too, but for some of the hardcore gym junkies this might not be satisfying enough.

For those who are all about gains and heavy lifts, you are in a bit of a tougher spot. Perhaps you sit at home, your stress levels are up, you are hungry, you are pounding protein drinks and there isn't an object in the room that is heavy enough to satisfy your deep desire to pick something up and put it down. Well, I unfortunately can't help you, but I have a few sources that might be useful to indulge your muscles until you can get back to the gym. 

As always, be careful when trying new workouts and use common sense. 

25 at Home Workouts 

Basic Yoga Exercises

Body Weight Exercises