The PacificSport School has expanded itself into the Okanagan. The school is a great opportunity for young athletes to grow and hone important skills for sports and life.

PacificSports School is a non-profit sports agency that's mission is to help build communities and give young people the opportunity to help develop their skills. This opportunity in the Okanagan is important because athletes that otherwise might have to relocate to a larger metropolis can now have access to important resources and training.

It is important for young athletes to work on their skills and develop positive habits as soon as possible, so this expansion in the interior region is highly necessary. Limitations of geographics can hinder athletes quite seriously, and PacificSports School offers an opportunity for Okanagan athletes to continue to grow.

The program is planned to launch in Penticton in September 2020 with the Okanagan Skaha school district. This is the second program available in the interior and it will help give opportunity to athletes from smaller surrounding communities.

Something also exciting about Pacific Sports School is that it gives opportunities for athletes to have financial assistance. This assistance may help with relocation or transportation costs. Having these types of resources can be life-changing for athletes and can help foster an environment that is essential for young people's successful development into competitive sport.

Along with the expansion of this new athletic program, it also gives opportunities for coaches and other professionals to give back to their communities and make a living doing what they love. Check out the PacificSport website for some more details.