Last year, in 2022, we saw a large crowd of around 500 people coming out to support and watch the three teams, formed by UBCO student associations, take to the Nonis Field for the first ever Okanagan Super Sixers cricket tournament. After a smashing victory by the Pakistan Student Association, the SUO Cricket Club is back with the second Okanagan Super Sixers cricket tournament this month.

Source: SUO Cricket Club

Last week in late March, 2023, the organizers got together formally to draft their teams, which are led by the Presidents of four student associations.  Named after local regions; Glenmore Gladiators, Rutland Royals, Pandosy Panthers and McKinley Marvels are the teams that will be competing at the tournament.

Glenmore Gladiators, will be led by Daryus Sheikh, the President of the Pakistan Student Association.

Rutland Royals, will be led by Nitish Gupta, President of the Indian Student Association.

Pandosy Panthers, will be led by Ahmed Wasim, the president of the South East Asian Students Association.

McKinley Marvels, will be led by Anirudh Devarakonda, the President of the SUO Cricket Club.

Source: SUO Cricket Club

The 8-over, tennis ball cricket matches are scheduled for Easter weekend, the 8th and 9th of April, from 2–4 PM at the Nonis Field. 

Four group-stage games are scheduled for Day 1, followed by two more group-stage games on Day 2 of the tournament, giving all four teams an opportunity to play each other. The winning teams will go ahead and face each other in the final match, later in the evening of Day 2. 

Do not miss the half-time show dance performances by the Bhangra Club, Indian Student Association, as well as the performances by independent student singers.

Aryam Dwivedi, the Founder of the SUO Cricket Club said that, “We wish to make this tournament a yearly activity and be continued over the years. The trophy with the name of the winning team will be displayed in the SUO office throughout the year.” 

With free entry, the organizers extend an open invitation to all UBCO students to the Okanagan’s one and only cricket league. Come over and see which team takes the winning trophy home.