To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the South East Asia Club at UBCO hosted their annual Lantern Festival on January 31, 2020.  The event was organized in collaboration with the Indonesian Student Association, a newly formed group at UBCO, as well as Parlour Ice Cream which is a local business that commonly sponsors different clubs and events on campus.

Prior to the event, game tokens were sold to students so that they could participate in games at the Lantern Festival for the chance to win a number of different prizes.

Games at the event included cup shooting with nerf guns, bean picking with chopsticks and card matching, as well as traditionally Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean games including Batu Seremban and Ice Cream Flip.

When students purchased tokens for the games, they were given stamp cards to track their wins; depending on the number of games won, students were able to redeem their stamps for prizes.

Photos by Emmah Barber

The smaller prizes included plushies and disposable cameras, while a rice-cooker, an essential oil diffuser, and a $25 Visa gift card were the three bigger prizes to be won.

In addition to games, there was plenty of traditional Asian food at the Lantern Festival including Takoyaki, Dan Bing, and Popia. Dyanska Sirait, the President of SEAC, said that the food portion of the event was extremely popular amongst guests this year.

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