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The Student Learning Hub at UBC Okanagan has transformed completely to move its physical space, which officially opened in 2019, to the virtual space, to help students with the same issues that we had in person. There are, however, newer, unexpected challenges we have faced this semester and Online Learning Coaches have been helping peers with this both individually, and with their large Canvas shell filled with resources that just became accessible to all students earlier this week. With all the interactions they have had with students and their struggles, undergraduate and graduate OLCs have been developing a unique perspective on coping techniques for this upcoming finals season. These are their top tips to help you get prepared as we inch closer to the second week of December.

  1. Don’t forget to make intentional time to exercise, eat well, and take care of your body. I think all too often we as students neglect these critical aspects of our health during exams, and it has a really detrimental effect on both our emotional wellbeing and grades.
  • Thish Rajapakshe | Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry - Medical and Molecular Biology & Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

  1. Seek accommodation if you need to. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your professors and counsellors. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no!
  • Harshita Chopra | Bachelor of Arts, PPE

  1. If you can only spend a day or two studying for a final don’t beat yourself up over it! You don’t get to choose when you take your finals so if you can only spend a day or two studying for a final that is okay and not your fault! Also, even if an exam didn’t go well, at least it is over. Try not to dwell on it too much. You did the best you could!
  • Austin Guild | Bachelor of Science, Microbiology & Psychology

  1. Every time you sit down to study, set some concrete goals for the study session. Sometimes, there is so much to do that you end up doing nothing at all. Make a list of your top priority learning goals so that if you run out of time, you have at least covered the most important information. A personalized study schedule with dedicated time for breaks will help you stay on track. Remember to celebrate finishing each semester, regardless of whether it went exactly how you had hoped. You are making progress every day and exam results can’t undermine your accomplishments!
  • Izabela Krahelskaya | Bachelor of Arts, PPE

  1. Professors have always been kind to help us outside of class times by setting up office hours and review sessions, making sure you use these resources well is crucial during finals! Attend review sessions and extra office hours - they’re a gem.

Siddesh Nambiar | Bachelor of Science, Computer Science