Photo from UBCO's 'Our Stories'

A UBCO engineering professor Cigdem Eskicioglu was just named the Senior Industrial Research Chair (IRC) for advanced resource recovery from wastewater. As IRC, Professor Eskicioglu will focus on developing treatment technologies that are meant to recover energy and resources from materials poured down the drain.

Focused on advanced resource recovery from wastewater, the research by Professor Eskicioglu as Senior IRC is in partnership with Metro Vancouver and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. This research is meant to transform “wastewater facilities into product factories, minimizing waste, creating carbon credits and leading a new circular economy.”

Professor Cigdem Eskicioglu - Photo from UBCO's 'Our Stories'

In addition to being the new Senior IRC, Professor Eskicioglu is also the head of the Bioreactor Technology Group on the UBCO campus. This group seeks to develop treatment systems meant to produce cleaner byproducts from wastewater. These byproducts are then utilized for sustainable purposes like the production of bioenergy. The technology this group develops also minimizes toxic chemicals produced by humans such as pesticides that decrease risks of wastewater sludge in agriculture.

To add to all of Professor Eskicioglu’s accomplishments, she has made it her mission to make a difference and educate students on the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

She expressed, “I help graduate and undergraduate students understand that it takes very little effort to contaminate the environment, and a tremendous amount of time, effort, innovative technology and resources to make it safe again.”