Photo by Charles Penner

Let’s be honest, winning is important and it feels good to have success and overcome adversity in sports and life. Now I’m sure UBCO athletes and coaching staff are feeling down on their luck this year and for good reason. The results of this season's Varsity Heat teams are less than mediocre and I’m sure coaching staff are losing hope about their long-term job security.

Now, maybe I can be merciful in understanding that UBCO in comparison to other Universities may have a smaller talent pool given the geographical location, limited funding and a complexity of other different reasons. But I will be the first to point out the absolute failures of some of our Sports teams.

Let’s take a look at the Records: (as Per January 26th 2020) Men’s Soccer (6-6-4), Volleyball (0-16) and Basketball (3-15).  Women’s Soccer (1-12-1), Volleyball (6-12) and Basketball (2-16).

Evidently, the Heat have not brought the Heat. In fact, they have been below average, and mediocrity is not something to celebrate or to strive for. What does it say about UBCO when we get obliterated by opponents? Are our athletes not a reflection of this institution? Are they not representatives of our University?

Maybe UBCO is mediocre, and so these results shouldn’t surprise us, but I would like to think that more could be done to help our Heat teams find success. Good teams and good schools aren’t built overnight so maybe patience and cultivating talent is in order.

This season has been mostly a bust for our sports teams and some winning would might give the Heat some much needed confidence. It’s easy to be a critic, but it’s also easy to be mediocre and staff need to make some changes.