UNICEF is a global organization that works with the United Nations to promote policies and expand access to services that protect children in over 190 countries. UBCO UNICEF is Kelowna’s chapter of this global charity. For around six years, UBCO UNICEF has been following the mission of their parent organization by hosting fundraisers for local and global causes that benefit children in need.

Recently, I had the chance to speak to Dylan, the Public Relations Executive Member of UBCO UNICEF, about their recent Valentine’s Day Fundraiser. The mission of this fundraiser was to raise money for UNICEF to provide at-risk children with survival kits.

The planning for their first-ever Valentine’s Day Fundraiser began three weeks prior to the event as they organized a group of 10-12 volunteers to make roses out of pink and red paper tissues.

The roses, as well as chocolates, were then sold from February 10 to February 14 in the Fipke and UNC foyers for a minimum donation of one dollar. By the end of the week, they had raised close to $200 for UNICEF.

When I spoke to Dylan about the fundraiser, he explained that UBCO UNICEF has a lot of creative freedom when planning their events. This freedom allowed the group to plan a unique fundraiser that not only benefitted children in need, but also gave students the chance to spread love through hand-made gifts on Valentine’s Day.

In discussing UBCO UNICEF’s plans for the rest of the semester, Dylan mentioned that they are currently in talks with other clubs at UBCO regarding fundraisers, and that they are also looking into different volunteer opportunities around the Kelowna community.

UBCO UNICEF is always looking for new members. To get involved, contact them via Facebook or Instagram.