Smart Meal; screenshot from Smart Meals Facebook Page

After a very successful Christmas dinner campaign with plant-based grocer, The Vegetarian Butcher, Enactus UBCO’s Smart Meals initiative is back with a new collaboration meant to raise money for the Central Okanagan Food Bank. Back in December, the vegan and vegetarian grocer sold 115 Christmas dinners, which contributed a total of $230. The team at Smart Meals hopes to achieve exponential growth of these numbers with the new Smart Salads, available until the end of February at The Vegetarian Butcher.

Smart Meals is a branch of  the Smart Donate project, curated by Faculty of Management professor Dr. Eric Li, and has become one of the strongest by working with partner restaurants around the community to tackle food insecurity within the Okanagan. These  “smart meals” have a lower carbon footprint, are plant based, and are made by chefs from local restaurants.

Smart Meals is also in the process of working with Kelowna’s Sajiva Kombucha and Start Fresh Kitchen. However, the current virtual world is allowing the initiative to move online and help beyond the Okanagan. They are currently in discussions with the Yanapana project, a nonprofit organisation that teaches Spanish in exchange for resources for severely affected families in Ecuador who are suffering from malnutrition and hunger.

The Smart Salads at The Vegetarian Butcher are available until the end of February. You can find UBCO’s Smart Meals Initiative on Facebook and Instagram.