Recently, the World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a global health emergency as thousands of people have been drastically impacted by this outbreak. This virus has many people very concerned including UBCO.

Photo by Jenelle Schneider

As a preventative measure, UBC is asking international students and exchange students in China to defer their flights coming to British Columbia. In particular, UBC is asking students travelling from Hubei Province to delay their flights.

In a recent statement, UBC spokesperson Matthew Ramsey announced that UBC is in contact with all UBC students and faculty currently in China to discuss their options.

“We’ve informed students of their options to return to Canada, and either defer or to withdraw from their programs in China, or wait with their families in China, as many have.”

In addition, UBC is in discussions about whether UBC should shut down exchange programs.

“That group is planning and coordinating action as new information comes out, including whether to proceed or not with current exchange and co-op programs but those decisions have not been made,” Ramsey says.

So far, no UBC student or faculty member in China has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Aside from contacting students, UBC has also taken many other precautions to prevent the spread of this virus. This includes circulating a poster informing students to wash their hands, preventing unprotected contact with wildlife among other protective measures. Also, UBC has also convened a group of stakeholders to coordinate appropriate action as new information is released.