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“untitled, for now.” is written by the founder of Train Ticket Bookmarks, Dana Murphy. This piece, in addition to other works, can be found on Train Ticket Bookmarks’ website. For more information on this new platform, check out The Phoenix’s interview with Dana here. To submit your own work, email info@trainticketbookmarks.com.

untitled, for now.

the self care we're lectured on

will not be televised.

no one would watch it.

i texted a friend today,

asking her what to eat.

she walked me through the

contents of my fridge

and explained the merits of my

freezer drawers.

i watched a dog zoom and bound

through flash-frozen leaves today,

and reflected on his abundant joy.

when your life is filled with lightness,

the dark parts are harder to see

through the glare.

to be sinking when so much is

keeping you afloat feels heavier, is


shouting down a shower drain and

leaving without a goodbye is reminiscent of

a fight or flight impulse which is all-too-familiar;

erratic and electric, teetering

on the edge [a ritual]

pressing play on that which will only

hurt more, just to feel deeper,

like a watch with too few links.

it fits, but barely, and not without

leaving a mark.